Digital De Re Gallery is first opening of an art show in interactive virtual reality. It enables you to experience the paintings of the artist Gretchen Andrew on a self-guided interactive tour of a computer-generated recreation of the De Re Gallery, one of the leading commercial galleries in Los Angeles.

The custom tools in this app enable you to navigate the gallery following any route you choose, and activate augmented reality content related to each painting in turn. In Digital De Re Gallery you are the active director of your visit, rather than the passive audience of a traditional video tour.

The augmented content includes footage made using Google Glass, worn by Gretchen Andrew as she painted; a picture that changes size on the gallery wall, symbolise Gretchen's concern with scale in her work; and an X-Ray tool for examining the under-drawing beneath the top coat of her oil paintings.

Digital De Re Gallery is the second ground-breaking release from, the app for news in virtual reality. And follows’s launch of Hong Kong Unrest, one of the first news documentaries in 360-degree video, on 22 January 2015.

De Re Gallery on iPad

Download Digital De Re Gallery to view in VR

You can view Digital De Re Gallery online at the top of this page, using click and drag commands to move around the space and activate augmented content, guided by a narration from the artist Gretchen Andrew. However, the best way to experience Digital De Re Gallery is by using a VR headset. If you have an Oculus Rift, you can download a desktop application using the link below.

Alternatively if you can’t view the web experience use the link below to see a video of the interactions within the virtual space

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Artist Gretchen Andrew using the Oculus Rift
Gretchen Andrew has a hybrid artist’s practice, combining cutting-edge technologies with traditional oil painting


The Artist
Gretchen Andrew

Digital De Re Gallery is a collaboration between the London-based American artist Gretchen Andrew and, the app platform for news in virtual reality founded by Louis Jebb. The narration, all paintings and additional photographs and video are by Gretchen Andrew.

The Gallery
De Re Gallery

The space represented in the app is De Re Gallery, one of the leading commercial galleries in Los Angeles. thanks the directors of De Re for their generous assistance in aiding Gretchen Andrew and the app team in making a computer-generated model of the gallery

The App Creators
Amplified Robot

The app was created for by Amplified Robot, the London-based digital media production agency.

CEO, Amplified Robot: Steve Dann

Lead developer: Matt Leatherbarrow

Programmer: Fernan Espejo

CGI artist: Matt Payne

Coder: Myles Eve

Web integration: Daniel Bone, James Pendry

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